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Trusted by millions,

At MoneyLoji, we ensure that you are always prepared for the unexpected episodes of life like medical emergencies, weddings, home renovation etc. with instant approval personal loans. Our team brings the most efficient paperless process for students, pensioner, housewives and salaried individuals, so that they get immediate emergency funds.

We are always there to assist you through the loan approval process. We use the most robust calculators to help you assess your interest rate online. We have partnered with top personal loan providers in India like SBI, ICICI, HDFC etc.

It’s now your turn to discover MoneyLoji.

Experience a quick, hassle-free

3-step Quick Cash Loan


- Download the MoneyLoji App from Google Playstore .
- Register yourself with your mobile number
- Fill in the application form with personal details
- Sit back and relax. Your data is in trusted hands


You will be shown a list of relevant loan providers who are most likely to sanction your loan at the best possible rates for you
- Compare pre-payment charges and processing fees levied by various lenders
- Choose the tenure and loan amount
- Upload your KYC and financial documents
- Wait for the system to assess your CIBIL score and process your eligibility


We understand your urgency. That’s why, we work with the banks and loan providers to get you quick approval on your personal loan application giving you instant access to credits. The ideal time taken for loan disbursal is less than 24 hours.

Why Moneyloji ?

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Easiest Application and approval process


Upgrade your card with your needs and wants


Proper Security to safeguard you from frauds


Go cashless and experience pure convenience

Our Partners

Avail loans at competent rates from India’s most trusted personal loan providers

Compare Offers From Leading Banks

Easy application plus transparent pricing guaranteed

18% - 30% Interest

Processing Fee: 499+GST

Loan Amount: 50K – 5 lakhs

Tenure Range: 3 months – 36 months


20% - 36% Interest

Processing Fee: 499+GST

Loan Amount: 50K – 5 lakhs

Tenure Range: 3 months – 36 months


24%-36% Interest

Processing Fee: 499+GST

Loan Amount: 50K – 5 lakhs

Tenure Range: 90 days – 180 days

18% - 30% Interest

Processing Fee: 499+GST

Loan Amount: 50K – 5 lakhs

Tenure Range: 1 year – 3 years

18% - 30% Interest

Processing Fee: 499+GST

Loan Amount: 50K – 5 lakhs

Tenure Range: 3 months – 36 months

20% - 36% Interest

Processing Fee: 499+GST

Loan Amount: 50K – 5 lakhs

Tenure Range: 3 months – 36 months

24%-36% Interest

Processing Fee: 499+GST

Loan Amount: 50K – 5 lakhs

Tenure Range: 90 days – 180 days


18% - 30% Interest

Processing Fee: 499+GST

Loan Amount: 50K – 5 lakhs

Tenure Range: 1 year – 3 years


What Our Customers Say About Us?

Rakesh Kumar

“Thank you MoneyLoji. Great team at work. I was patiently explained the process by Samir, and just as he promised, I got my personal loan approved within one business day.”

Abhishek Kanojia

“My experience with MoneyLoji has been great. Their processes are very transparent. The staff was very helpful. They kept communicating with me and updating me every step of the way. I had applied for an unsecured loan. The entire process took just a few minutes and the loan disbursal was really fast.”

Siddhi Gupta

“I wasn’t ready for a long, complicated loan approval process. MoneyLoji understood my urgency and offered a very quick, smooth process. The entire documentation was done within a couple of hours. I was explained about the prepayment options too and in just under one day I got the funds. Can’t thank them enough”

Fill Form to Check Eligibility

Frequently Asked Questions

Find all your answers below. or connect with us, we’d be happy to helpy you out

We have two types of personal loans available

– Salary Advance & Unsecured Loan.

The former is a shorter version of Personal Loans.

While “Unsecured Loan” ranges from Rs 1 Lakh to Rs 25 Lakhs
with tenure ranging from 1-3 years,​ a “Salary Advance Loan” ranges from Rs 10K to Rs 1 Lakh with tenure ranging from 62-120 days.

A Personal Loan can be used for weddings, education, travel, medical or any other general purposes. It is an unsecured, short-term loan provided to salaried employees.

Any Indian individual above the age of 21 years, who is salaried or has a monthly source of income, may apply for a Personal Loan through the MoneyLoji Platform.  

We understand the value of your time and hence have designed our application process in such a way that the loan gets processed within a few minutes.

All you need is to register on our app, provide us a few details, and upload the required documents. The moment we receive all the details, the system will calculate and approve the loan as per the eligibility.

Once the loan is approved, you need to digitally sign documents and within a few minutes, the amount will be credited to your bank account.

1. Download MoneyLoji app from Google Play Store or Apple Store (Coming soon).

2. Register yourself through mobile number and OTP.

3. Fill in your basic details (Name, Father’s Name, Date of Birth, Pin Code, Email, and Marital Status). We need this to customize offers for you.

 4. Provide us your current residential address, employment details and office address (required for personal loans). This is only required once.

5. Click on Personal Loan and select the address you are applying from.

6. Take and upload your selfie. You cannot upload photos from your phone.

7. Upload a photo of the PAN Card. You can either take a photo or upload it from your drive.

8. On this screen, you are shown a list of lenders available on our platform. Choose the tenure and loan amount you wish to take a loan for. You can also check pre-payment charges,
processing fees levied by various lenders.

9. Upload your KYC documents. Here you can choose to upload Aadhar only, or 2 out 3 documents (Voter ID, Driver License or Passport) in case you do not have an Aadhar card.

10. Upload your financial documents (Bank statement with account number & IFSC code visible) and Appointment Letter or Salary Slips.

11. Wait for the system to process your eligibility.

12. Upon success, select the amount and tenure you are eligible for, and authorize the transaction.

13. Get the amount credited to your bank account instantly.

As an online secured platform that connects borrowers and lenders, MoneyLoji has partnered with Ganesh Leasfin Pvt Ltd (an RBI registered NBFC), IDFC First Bank, HDFC Bank, Bajaj Finserv for Personal loans.

For Business loans, we have tie-ups with HDFC Bank, IDFC First Bank, Ganesh Leasfin Pvt Ltd, and Bajaj Finserv.

Once the loan has been disbursed into your account, the funds are yours. You can transfer money from your app to your bank account and can use your regular ATM card to withdraw funds and use them as you wish or NEFT/IMPS to someone depending on your needs.

MoneyLoji can be used to meet the money/financial requirements for any kind of personal use. Our customers typically use MoneyLoji for the following reasons:

-Medical emergencies
-Pregnancy bills
-Home renovation
-House rent deposits
-Children’s school fees

Yes, your loan and performance of your loan track will be reported to CIBIL, Crif, and other credit bureaus; as per the RBI guidelines.

A good loan repayment ensures building a good credit history and score, at the same time, a bad loan repayment with delayed payments and overdues – adversely
affects your credit history and score.

The mandatory documents are:
– KYC Documents (PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Date of Birth). If you don’t have your mobile number seeded with an Aadhar card, you will not be able to apply for a loan.

– Bank Statements for the last three months (Account number and IFSC code should be visible on the statement).

  In case your statement is password protected, please keep the password handy. We store all passwords with 256-bit SSL encryption so your data is completely encrypted and safe with us.

– Salary Slips for the last three months

– Address Proof documents

-Please note that in case of any discrepancies or fraudulent documents, we may cancel your loan application.

-If case you require further assistance, please email or call us at 9810559964

Yes. Bad credit score, repayment default, or inability to meet basic criteria can get your application rejected.

Once you submit all the documents the loan is disbursed within minutes. An average customer takes 5-minutes to qualify, after opening the app.

The speed might vary depending on how fast you can

For Salary Advance loans you can borrow up to Rs 100000.

For Unsecured loans, you can borrow up to Rs 5 lakhs. However, we recommend that you borrow only the amount you need and are comfortable with.

Our system will calculate the maximum amount you are eligible to borrow.

For salary advance loans, you can borrow for up to 62-120 days. For personal loans, you can borrow for up to 36 months.

Sorry, you cannot change your EMI date. We are working on a flexible EMI dates option. We will let you know as soon as we make this option live. Thanks for your understanding.

Yes. For personal loan, you don’t need to provide any security.

Yes. For salary advance loans, we allow prepayment with zero charges after 7 days from the date of disbursal.

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